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There’s Nothing Quite Like A Good Boxing Saturday

Boxing may not be going through its finest hour, but there are still plenty of hardcore fans out there. For those of you who happen to fit this description and are looking for a weekend full of the sweet science pay close attention because you are in luck this Saturday! These days very rarely do we get a weekend filled with marquee boxing matchups. It seems though, that times are about to change, and now you can even enjoy top of the line fights on Facebook for free!

That will be an option this Saturday as one of the UK’s most revered fighters of the last couple of years, Tyson Fury, will face off against Sefer Seferi. Later in the evening, we have two other main events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles that are also shaping up to be all out wars. In Vegas Jeff Horn, fresh off his victory over Manny Pacquiao will finally come stateside to face Terence Crawford. Over in L.A., the stage is set for a Mexican civil war between Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares. Let’s make a quick recap of each of the three bouts to get you ready for fight night come Saturday.

Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi

Let’s be real this is a tune-up fight for Fury. After almost a 3-year hiatus Fury is looking to get back into boxing shape by fighting a 39-year-old Albanian fighter in Seferi. Fury is hoping to turn this into a bit of a glorified sparring session, but in heavyweight boxing, you just never know one shot is all it takes.

Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford

Other than the loyal Jeff Horn, fans in Sydney, Australia, the main consensus is that he stole a decision from Manny Pacquiao in his hometown. In that fight, we got a good look at the type of heart and resiliency that Horn has. What we didn’t see was a great boxing technician out there. If Crawford can keep Horn at a distance with his jab, he should be able to outbox him with relative ease. Plus, Horn probably won’t be getting any
tough decisions in Vegas so we might just see his perfect record smashed this weekend.

Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares

Overall people see Mares as the better boxer the only problem is his chin has not been the same since that brutal knockout he took at the hands of Johnny Gonzalez. Mares had better hope he can make something happen otherwise his career may go downhill from here! For Leo Santa Cruz the plan is simple, work the body and wear down Mares then go in for the kill up top!

Now that you know what your plans are for Saturday start placing your bets, and getting the snacks together, because fight night is just around the corner! And if boxing is not your thing you can also bet on football with the first match of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 scheduled on the 14th of June.