Boxing – The Perfect Blending ….

… of Fine Martial Arts and Combat Sports


Viewed by some as a sport for truly masculine men and by others as cruel, boxing is perhaps one of the oldest sports and has been practised ever since the dawn of time. In fact, from various carvings found in modern Iraq (the land of the notorious Sumerian civilization), the early history of boxing takes us back to the 3rd millennium B.C. In spite of the fact that it is controversial, at a closer look, boxing can be considered as an extension of the human nature, in the sense that it represents a competitive combat game with the simple goal of testing out the players’ limits while relying on people’s natural instincts of fighting and self preservation.

The origins of modern boxing

According to historians, although fist-fights were recorded throughout the past two millennia, boxing disappeared soon after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, only to reappear again in the form of an organized sport at the end of the 17th century. The first rules of boxing were introduced by Jack Broughton and were in fact a necessity, considering that numerous people lost their life in the ring over the years.

While these rules have surely prevented deaths in the ring once and for all, it is necessary to mention that the early boxing laws were much more permissive than the ones of today. For instance, if a boxer was to fall down on one knee and sat in this position for 30 seconds, he was allowed to recover and without being penalized as nowadays. In addition, since the early boxers were wearing light wrist wraps or leather gloves, the punching techniques were performed completely different so that the pugilists could protect their hands.

Boxing as a sport

Irrespective of the widespread notoriety of the Broughton rules and of the fact that pugilists respected them while in the ring, boxing did not become a recognized sport until the 1908 Olympics. In its current form, boxing consists of a pre-established number of 3-minute rounds (depending on the weight category of the players), requires special protective gear to reduce the risk of severe injuries and the entire fight is controlled by a referee who ensures the safe and equitable gameplay.

Violating the official rules of the game, mainly in the professional boxing matches will typically be considered a foul, which is penalized according to the gravity of the contravention. From warnings and point deductions for minor violations to the disqualification of the pugilist for an intentional foul punch, anything can happen while in the ring. Speaking of points, they are usually awarded by a commission of up to three judges who assign them based on various criteria (boxing style, punch connection, defense method, knockdowns, etc).

Betting on the match

Perhaps the greatest thing about modern boxing is the fact that you too can be part of the action. While you might not be physically present in the ring, you can live through the game with the same intensity via online boxing betting sites.

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