Bernard Hopkins, Still a Champ at 46!

The most unforgettable move in the career of Bernard Hopkins has to be the one where he taunted the WBC light-heavyweight champion, Jean Pascal by doing push-ups and staring him in the face between the sixth and the seventh round during their match in Montreal. After he got back to his hometown of Philadelphia, Bernard Hopkins said that he did so due to the adrenaline pump and wanted to send a message across the opponent, who was watching him from the other end. He wanted his fans to think that it was bizarre and say that Bernard was at his game again.

He also said that his hands had started to pain after the push-ups. However, the adrenaline pump kept him going until the end of the match. The win made Hopkins the most aged fighter at the age of 46 to win one of the major world championships. He rates this undisputed 12-round win over the 28-year-old Pascal as the second best win of his career. He rates the win over Felix Trinidad at Madison Square Garden in 2001 as the most memorable fight of his career. Hopkins has made many defenses for the middleweight title in the history of the title.

According to him, it is getting harder every year. He says there have been challenges all through his life. He also points out the various questions people have been asking him. They want to know when he will hang up his boots and what keeps him so motivated. He says that he is even ready to continue fighting till 60, as he will not be able to stop doing things that he has been since the time he was a Blue Horizon fighter. He also says that he has wisely invested his earnings that count up to millions.

Further, Hopkins states that he has a very disciplined and strong mind that allows him to fight like a new boxer, who is trying to make his name in the boxing industry even after so many years of being in the same field.

About the match against Pascal, Hopkins says that he had Pascal mentally even before the night of the match. Hopkins says that he understood that Pascal was scared of him when he started accusing him for drug use. Hopkins clears it by saying that there have been many accusations in the past. Some of them were baseless, while some were true. However, he has never cheated in the ring and will never do it. That was when Hopkins understood that he had Pascal mentally and was playing inside his head. This way, he was able to irritate Pascal and knocked him off.

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