Betting on boxing

Boxing as a sport has an origin dating back thousands of years. In this sport, boxers or the two people fighting each other, use their fists to punch at their opponents. In the earlier days when boxing started, the boxers fought with bare hands. However, in the modern times, boxers wear gloves to protect their hands and to an extent, their opponents. These days, a series of rounds make up a bout and each round in the professional boxing bout lasts for three minutes while in the amateur bouts lasts for two minutes.

Boxing as a sport is governed under some rules and these were formed as early as 1867. The winner of a boxing bout is decided according to the points, which a boxer collects during the fight. The points are given on how well a fighter makes contact with his opponent. These days, boxers fight with the opponent in the same weight category and there are different classes of weight, with the flyweight category being the lightest and the heavyweight being the heaviest.

Boxing has always been associated with betting even during the 18th century when the British characterized the sport with wagers to put on either fighter. The winners were awarded prizes. Since then, the concept to bet on boxing began. Boxing was in its peak phase during the 1960s and 70s when there were fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali. However, in the more recent times, boxing has receded a bit on the levels of popularity.

Despite all the vicissitudes, professional boxing is still alive and with that betting on boxing also thrives. The world’s gambling capital; Las Vegas has boxing odds for all categories and provides the bettors the opportunity to place a wager on their favorites. However, if you are new to betting on boxing, take a good tab from the experts before putting in your money.

The concept to bet on boxing is as old as the sport itself. One cannot think of boxing without betting. In fact according to some sports analysts, the concept has somewhat hampered the growth of the sport in the real sense as it heavily depends on gambling. Big money is involved in fights where popular boxers are contending. It is better to be acquainted about the fighters and with the bets offered. In addition, you should know that the bets for the popular fighters are highly inflated and at times different with different bookmakers. Therefore, it is always beneficial to shop around and compare the bets amongst various bookmakers.

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