How to Use Boxing Tactics to Win at …

… the Online Roulette Tables


Did you know you can use these basic boxing tactics to drive positive results at the online roulette tables? Despite the vast divide between boxing and roulette, strategies like these are the answer to winning at web-based casinos!

As a boxer you’ll know that patience and being in peak condition can help you win in the ring. Likewise, your plan of attack and adhering to it is critical to the end result. Vacillate, throw the same sequence of punches or go in for the kill prematurely and the odds are it’ll be you bloodied and bruised on the mat. Read on to learn how boxing can help you maximise gambling online!


Practice Your Skills before Betting Big


If you want to be the next Manny Pacquino, Billy Joe Saunders or Tyson Fury you’ve got to train, spar and move your feet. You’ve got to be in optimum physical condition and have sufficient stamina to last the fight. Preparation is key.

Similarly, if you want to win more than you lose playing online casino roulette, it is vital you understand the rules of the game and practice frequently before you ante up.

Unlike the B&M casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City that only offer real money tables, online venues feature the full gamut of games in the practice mode. If you’re a wise boxer who enjoys a flutter on online casino roulette, be sure to get intimate with the bet types and game mechanics before you put the chips on the table!


Take Calculated Risks


Patience not only wins fights, it ensures you bank small amounts of money on a frequent basis when you play online roulette. In the ring, you need to know when the time is right to take down your opponent. You may have to take a few calculated risks to achieve the KO but more often than not, patience wins out at the end of the day.

When gambling on where the black ball will land on the spinning wheel, always play the best bets. In the case of online roulette, the best bets are the outside bets – red or black, odd or even, 1 to 18, dozen, column and snake bets. They may only pay out even money but they have the best odds of winning.

As with a boxing bout, you will probably take a risk now and again and go for a single, straight or split bet; inside bets in roulette that have eye popping odds of 35:1! If you want to build up your bankroll bit by bit and finish your betting session with a positive balance however, be patient and opt for the meagre-paying outside bets.


Learn Online Roulette Strategies


Box optimally and you’ll be applying the principles of science. Punches are thrown according to angle and weight transfer and defence is applied accordingly. In other words, the fight is made up of a number of random moves. Some require attacking strategies and others defensive tactics; moves that have been systematically formulated over time. Try and force the same weaves and punches over and over again and your opponent will be primed and ready to deliver the knockout blow.

Online roulette is similar in that it is powered by random number generator (RNG) software. Game results are driven by pure chance and cannot be rigged or forced. If you stick to a hard and fast online roulette strategy notwithstanding the state of play, the odds are you’ll win at least half the bets you make!

Fancy footwork and tricky punches don’t always win fights. Keeping the hands up, moving the head and unleashing a couple of accurate jabs at speed will keep you competitive to the end. At an online casino, it’s equally important to select the games that have the lowest house edge. Try and avoid American roulette and variations that offer bonus wins and you’ve got a better chance of ending up in the black.

Now that you know how to apply boxing strategies to the online roulette tables, you can put them to the test at your preferred casino. As far as it is a reputable gambling destination your safe!