Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson was born in 1921 in Georgia as Walker Smith Jr, He got the name Ray Robinson when he borrowed a (Ray Robinson’s) boxing card from a friend in order to use it in the Harlem Gym. After George Gainford (his coach) saw him fighting for the first time the name Sugar Ray Robinson stuck and his motions and style were described as ‘sweet as sugar’.

In 1940 Robinson began to fight professionally after he won the New York Golden Gloves championship. In 1946 he gained the world welterweight crown. Robinson managed to hold his title for five years winning without defeat the incredible 91 fights. The welterweight champion continued and between 1951 and 1960 he became five times middleweight champion. When he retired from sport in the mid-60’s Sugar Ray Robinson had won 128 fights, 84 of which were knock-outs and in his professional career he lost just two fights. In 1999 the Associated Press honoured the described from Muhammad Ali boxer with the words “the king, my master, my idol” as the greatest middleweight and welterweight boxer of the century. He was certainly the best pound-for-pound boxer ever who put on gloves.

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