Boxing Defences: The Block

This defence is, actually, quite simple. While the strong right hand of your opponent is extended in a punch, you have to turn your upper body slightly to the right, since in that way his punch hits your upper arm. When you move your upper body, you need to keep your elbows close to your ribs and your fists raised up. After this move one will be able also to counter-attack. After you blocked the punch by twisting your body to the right, you have quickly to twist your body back and punch with your right hand your opponent. The most effective punches that you can use in these kinds of situations are straight long-range right handed strike and the upper cut.

One should never forget that punches that go towards your head must be blocked with your glove. The punches that aim your body are to be blocked with your elbow or with your arm. The first defensive move is also known as an ‘elbow block’.

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