Boxing Defences: Parries

You can catch in your left hand the right hand of your opponent in a long range parry. After you have done that defensive move, you should push the right hand of the other boxer aside and bring your fists back to their starting position. If you are successful, the arm of your opponent should end up in a horizontal position, where the shoulder will be in one line with the fist and the elbow. This type of parry must be used from long range. This defensive move can present a great opportunity for a counter-attack, again because of the element of surprise since the opponent loses his balance for a short time after being pushed to the side. This will reveal a perfect opportunity to hit him with a mixture of different strikes. In addition, after a parry, the opponent might leave his face defenceless, which will be a great mistake since in this situation your chances to knock him out will be much greater.

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