History of boxing rules

In 1743 Jack Broughton wrote the first rules to govern boxing as a response to the dangerous and from time to time even deadly progressing of this sport. Some of the most important rules used also nowadays were created from Broughton. For instance, the rule that the fight is over once a boxer is not able to get on his feet for certain amount of time. Another one of Broughton’s rules also says that hitting or grabbing below the waist is forbidden.

In 1839 these rules were made more complete and added to the so called London Prize Ring Rules. One of the new rules was that a boxing match must take place in a ring which measures 2.23 square meters.

Since 1867 the modern box has been governed by the Queensberry Rules. The rules were written by John Graham Chambers, which were then publicly legitimate by the Ninth Marques of Queensberry.

The British Boxing Board of Control in 1919, formed to govern the sport, added the so called officials as well as the referee and the panel of judges which have a very important role.

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